Monday, August 27, 2012

Question: Why should everyone blog?

 (skrivet 19.08.2012 klockan 21:05)

A friend of mine (also know as my personal paparazzi) threw out this question when I asked him for a topic to blog about and I thought I should put my five cents into it.

Why should everyone blog?

 I do believe that life is worth remembering and as everyone knows at some point we all start forgetting things that happened and when. A blog is a good way to write stuff down so that years later you can still remember that and relive it. 

Blogs are a great way to get to know new people in a new way. People you wouldn't normally ever talk to.

And if you have a hobby like say drawing or photographing or writing or anything a blog can be a way to show people your work and keep yourself motivated to do things. Because getting response on your work is really good. 

It's fun.

 There are more reasons for sure, but these are some that I came up with. If you guys wanna tell me some more reasons I would love to hear them.

I do know that everyone aren't made for this, but I think that everyone should try it. For a month. Then see what you think about it.  

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