Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Essence Advent Calendar 2015

Okay, guys lets take a little step back in time and go back to December for just a second. For the first time I had a different Advent Calendar during December and it was a blast. I did film me opening all of them so if you wanna see that you can head over to my youtube channel. The whole playlist is here.

I had the Essence Advent Calendar which was full of, well I guess I can say it now, nail polishes and since I am a huge nail polish hoarder this was perfect for me. Camilla had the same one and she was also over the moon for it.

There were cute little quotes in everyone and that was adorable. I loved them all. It was a cute little touch to it. The polishes were also in a different order in a lot of the calendars so some days me and Camilla didn't have the same polishes. Which was kinda cool too.

I am not gonna talk about them all in detail in this blogpost because that would absolutely take forever. But as I said there are videos for all of these and I will link to them all under the pictures so if you wanna hear my reactions to some of them you can hear them in them.

But here are the polishes.

1. 07 Winter Wonderland 2. 02 Made With Love 3. 01 Message From The North Pole 4. 05 See You In My Dreams

5. 04 North Pole Princess 6. A sock nail file 7. 10 Do You Hear The Jingle Bells 8. 02 Candy Cane Lemonade 

9. 13 Rudolphs Favorite 10. 11 Kiss Under The Mistletoe 11. 15 From Me To You 12. 05 Meet Me At The Chimney

13. Nail Stickers 14. 12 Berry-Tale 15. 09 The Night Of Magic 16. 01 Snowflakes Are Kisses From Heaven

17. 04 What A Grey-t Night 18. 14 Have A Very Pink X-Mas! 19. 03 My Wish List 20. Gingerbread Nail File

21. 08 My Dear Reindeer 22. 03. Add On Magic 23. 06 Sweet Caramel Sweets 24. A small makeup bag

I really really loved this calendar. Yes, there were a few polishes that I might not have picked up myself but that's okay. You can't please everyone in these kinds of things anyways. I am pretty sure that I am gonna get something similar next year, and by this I mean a calendar that is not filled with chocolates. This does totally beat that. I mean I love chocolate but this is just better.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Marimekko Spring / Summer 2016

Ratata invited me and a few other bloggers to a fashion evening at Marimekko where we got to see the newest collection in a little fashion show. The store on Mikonkatu was absolutely full of people and it was mayhem. I had my good camera with me but since the space was so limited I didn't feel like trying to take it out. So I used my phone instead so I am sorry about the poor quality of these pictures. I still just wanted to share these looks with you guys.

The first outfit paired orange and pink. I myself wouldn't do that since it feels too much for my taste. But hey, why not go crazy if you feel like it. I like the dress though. The little girl was the most adorable little one ever and I would totally get that dress if I had a little girl. The polka doted leggings on her are also so cute!

It is very interesting with the yellow details. I love the pop of color. Again I wouldn't wear it like that with all of the pieces in the same print but the jacket looks really nice.

In this outfit the sunglasses are named Emma which I found very funny. If they weren't so expensive I would have bought them then and there. I again really like the coat. I really have started liking the trench coats.

Platform shoes. I mean, what is going on. Fashion really does go in a circle. I remember loving platform shoes in my teens and I could see myself using those too. I also love the loose white shirt.

The orange skirt is absolutely my favorite by far. You can't really see it properly in the picture since the shirt is kinda hiding a part of it, but I recommend going to Pupulandias post here and looking at it. I am in love. It looks so good! I would probably pair the dress with something simple in black or white just to make it really pop.

The print on the pullover is the same as on the skirt but in a different color. I never thought that I would like such a bold print but I somehow and drawn to it. It's so different from anything I usually an attracted to.

The last look of the evening was this matching one. I love the dress on the girl. It just looks so cute! And I really like that it goes from dark to light which seems to be a thing right now.

Which outfit/piece is your favorite? Let me know!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Long live the tulips!

Last Tuesday I got some flowers for no reason at all and I wasn't expecting to get any. I wasn't the one that was supposed to get any flowers that day. But I did end up with them anyways and I am totally not complaining. Everyone loves getting flowers and I am totally not a exception. I wish I could buy flowers all the time for myself and have some on my kitchen table. It would just be so great! 

Now my messy apartment has pretty tulips to brighten it up and I feel very bad over the messy state it is in. I really need to get to cleaning tomorrow. And I totally will! That is a promise! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A few make up favorites

I am gonna try something new on this blog, and that is to write in english only for a while and see how I like it. I am gonna do it for like a month and then see if I feel like going back to both swedish and english. Somehow I feel that my blog is stuck and I need to try to get it out and moving again and this might help both it and me to get more motivated to write.

But this was not the actual point of this post. I wanted to share some of my make up favorites that I have been using the most this last month. These products are the ones I pretty much have on my face when I put on make up.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - I feel like this is a staple item in everyones make up collection and is one that doesn't leave. I myself bought this a long time ago after hearing so much good about it. And it is, in my opinion, worth the hype. It does really keep my eye make up in place all day. I love it! You can now find UD at Sokos here in Finland. I myself have not been there yet because I might just go crazy and want to buy everything.

Lumene True Mystic Precise Tip Eyeliner- This eyeliner was in the January Livbox and I have been using it a lot after getting it. I am certainly not a pro when it comes to eyeliner but I am trying and learning and this one has a very fine tip which makes it easy to draw with. So I have even done cat eye in the mornings before work and it has been good. I am always terrified of failing and having to do everything over so usually I don't do cat eye in the mornings. So I do recommend trying this out.

Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara - I have been using this the most after getting it. I feel like it really does something amazing to my lashes and it is so good. And as it is Essence it does not break the bank. I am a huge fan of Essence make up in general. You can find Essence at Tokmanni.

Lumene Nude Prefection Glow Foundation (Classic Beige) - This foundation was also in a Livbox, actually the October one, and I have been loving it. Usually all the foundations that come in the box are way to dark and completely wrong for me. This one has been a good color and I have been using it a lot. It is sheer coverage which is fine for me since I have a pretty good skin most of the time. I usually go without and my friends almost can't believe me when I say that I only have mascara on. So I don't really need much coverage.

Essence Silky Touch Blush (20 Babydoll) - I own like two or three blushes that I use and this one I have been using the most these few months. It has a bit of shimmer but not too sparkly so it works fine on weekdays. Again I am a newbie when it comes to blush but I am learning and liking it a lot.I probably do sometimes put on too much. This one has a beautiful pink color and I am fan. Again since it is Essence it doesn't empty your wallet too much, which in my case is always a plus.

Have any of you used any of these? 

Monday, February 15, 2016


Vi är halvvägs in i Februari och först nu har jag fått alla bilder till det här inlägget gjort. Jag lyckades få videon upp mycket tidigare och den har fått mycket visningar så gå och kolla in den här. Jag är verkligen super lycklig över den här boxen. Den innehöll en massa bra grejer (plus godis!).

Boxen vägde verkligen mycket så det var klart att den innehöll mycket, men ändå så överraskade det mig. Jag menar, kolla nu på mängden!

We are half way in to February and now I got all the pictures done for this post. I did manage to get the video out a lot faster and it has gotten a lot of views so go and check it out here. I am so happy with this box. It had so much cool stuff (and candy!)

The box was so heavy that it was clear that it had a lot inside, but it still kinda surprised me. I mean, look at it!

Först så har vi Pandas goda franska pastiller i en liten box som är  lätt att ha med i väskan om man tycker om sånt. Jag gillar! Trots att jag borde minska på godis ätande drastiskt igen...men det behöver vi inte tänka på.

First we have Pandas delicious french lentils in a small box that is good to have in a handbag if one is like that. I like! Even though I should be eating less candy again...but let's not think about that. 

Rich CC shampoo. CC är alltså Complete Care. Låter ju väldigt bra eller hur. Den doftar riktigt gott dessutom vilket definitivt är ett plus i min bok. Just nu så använder jag ett Rich shampoo och har nog tyckt om den. Hoppeligen så får jag prova den här snart.

Rich CC shampoo. CC stands for Complete Care. Sounds very good right. It smells so good which is a big plus in my book. Right now I am using a Rich shampoo which I like so I am looking forward to trying out this one. 

En tandborste. Det roliga är att jag faktiskt just tänkte på att min tandborste börjar se lite äcklig ut. Men sen har jag ju också två andra i skåpet som väntar. Men man kan ju inte ha för många extra tandborstar. Den här är ljusblå med glitter och ljusröd borstdel. Så söt alltså!

A toothbrush. The funny thing is that I just looked at my toothbrush and thought that it looked a bit gross. But I do have a few other spare ones. But you really can't have too many. This one os light blue with glitter and pink bristles. So cute!

 Dove Dermaspa Body Lotion. Det känns som att jag har supermycket sånahär i lådan, men jag tror att jag bara tror det. Jag håller på och använder Vaseline som jag fick i en Livbox just nu, men efter den så skulle jag kunna ta och prova den här.

Dove Dermaspa body lotion. It feels like I have so many body lotions in my drawer, but I think I might just think that. I am now using the Vaseline one I got in a Livbox, but after that one I will try this one. 

Handkräm är alltid bra. Jag försöker ha en handkräm här bredvid mig vid datorn så att jag kommer ihåg att använda. Speciellt nu när det är kallt och händerna torkar.

Handcream is always good. I try to always have one here beside the computer so that I remember to use it. Especially now that it is cold and my hands get really dry. 

Anti-Frizz Glanskräm står det på burken. Det skall bli intressant att prova denna.

Anti-frizzer. I am very excited to try this one. 

Lumene nattkräm eller sleeping cream. Den här lilla kommer vara så bra att ta med på Kuba resan.

Lumene sleeping cream. This one is totally gonna come on the trip to Cuba. 

Tandkräm såklart. Den här lär skall ge vitare tänder direkt efter första användningen. Jag har svårt att tro på sånt, men vi får väl se.

Toothpaste of course. This is supposed to give whiter teeth after first use. I have a hard time believing that, but we shall see. 

Sally Hansen gel nagellack och överlack. Jag tog och provade denna och joo den håller riktigt bra nog. Lite skeptisk är jag ändå över gel lack där man inte behöver UV lampa. Jag skall nog ta och prova pånytt för att ge er bättre recension. Färgen är dock inte jätte speciell.

Sally Hansen gel nailpolish and top coat. I tried these and yes it does hold pretty well. I am still a bit sceptic over gel polish that don't need the UV lamp. But I am gonna try these out again to give you a better review. The color though is not that special. 

Det var den boxen. Om ni vill börja beställa på Livbox så kan ni gå till deras hemsida. Kostar 16,90€ i månaden.

That was this box. If you wanna start getting the Livbox you can go to their website. It costs 16,90€ a month. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Looking back: November 2015

Jag satte på diskmaskinen varje gång jag skulle börja städa.

I put on the dishwasher everytime I as going to clean. 

Jag fick hem lite nytt från H&M.

I got some new stuff home from H&M. 

Alla pratade om Essena O'Neill och social media.

Everyone talked about Essena O'Neill and social media. 

Jag bestämde mig för att vara 30 dagar utan godis. Det gick superbra.

I decided to be without candy for 30 days. It went great. 

Fick ett mejl som inspirerade ett inlägg om sponsorerade inlägg i bloggar och hur viktigt det är att nämna om att det är betalt.

I got a e-mail that inspired me to write a post about sponsored posts in blogs and how important it is to mention that it is paid. 

Alla mina byxor började gå sönder så jag levde med typ två par.

All of my pants started breaking and I lived with like 2 pairs. 

Månadens Livbox var super.

The Livbox was really nice. 

Jag lyssnade på Rich Dad, Poor Dad på Audible och tyckte den var väldigt intressant. Lönar sig att antingen läsa eller lyssna.

I listened to Rich Dad, Poor Dad on Audible and found it very interesting. I recommend checking it out. 

Jag gjorde första TBT inlägget. Det var roligt. Borde kanske ta upp dem igen.

I made my first TBT post. It was fun. I should probably make some again. 

Tog det lugnt en fredag och tittade på New Girl. 

Took it easy one friday and watched New Girl. 

Jag gjorde saker för att göra mitt liv smått bättre.

I made steps to make my life a bit better

Jag lyckades vara 30 dagar utan godis. SÅ STOLT.

I was able to be without candy for 30 days. SO PROUD. 

Jag började titta på Jessica Jones och blev totallt hooked. 

I started watching Jessica Jones and got totally hooked. 


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