Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

I thought I had more time to do the lookback posts but I didn't so I am gonna just have to leave some for next year. Now I am just gonna enjoy this last day of the year and celebrate it with W and some of the best friends I have. I am so excited!

Up there you can see me from 3 new year's eves and I thought it was quite cool to see the change. And I also find it funny that I have the biggest smile on the last one, which is today. I am just happy today. Really happy.

Happy New Year to you all!

LOOKBACK: August 2017

This post was written about the best weekend. I really want you all to go read it.

August was a lot of working out. I did work out pretty much twice a week and it was sooooo good. I lost weight and my fat percentage got lower and it was all just great. My breakfast was a shake pretty much everyday and I loved it. I also put spinach in one and it was quite something. You couldn't really taste it. Haha.

My relationship got facebook official and he met my family and I met his. He met mine at my moms birthdayparty and I met his parents on a weekend when we went to their cottage. So it was quite something. It was an amazing weekend and I loved all of it.

The blog was again pretty quiet this month but I did a few posts. This one was about my new morning routine and breakfast.

And the last one was about the Samsung soundbar I got to test out. It was everything and I loved it sooo much.

31.12.2017 11:44

LOOKBACK: July 2017

I think that this is the hardest month to actually write about because there was so much happening during this month and I was a mess in the beginning. A lot of it was good and I was over the moon but I did also lose some friends in progress and that is never fun. I had to learn that not everyone is supposed to stay in your life forever.

Firstly I have to mention my birthday since it does happen to start the month. I turned 29 which is absolutely crazy and I did celebrate 2 nights with a Pride Parade in the middle which was kinda crazy and I was a tired mess afterward. I had an absolute blast even if the second party didn't end without drama. I'm not gonna talk much about that here since it is not something I feel like everyone needs to know but I wanted to mention it anyway since it was a huge turning point in my life. That kind of put everything in motion and made me make choices that would change everything.

And the thing that happened like a week after my birthday was that my friend Niina sent me a text inviting me to a weekend to Kangasala with a bunch of people to work out and enjoy the summer. I have written a post about this weekend so you can read it here. It did really good for me since I was quite a mess at the time and I really needed a pick me up. That weekend is something I never thought I would experience. I am not the person that jumps on a bus to somewhere where I know only one person, but I did and I am so happy I did. I am such a different and happier person because of it. 

After that weekend I started working out with some of the friends I met there and my life was changed.

At the same time the interesting guy I had been starting to see was getting more and more serious and during this month it became a relationship even if neither of us had said that to each other yet. It wasn't so-called facebook official yet. But we were spending a lot of time together. That was also putting my head for a spin since I hadn't had any relationship in so many years. Or any real interest in any guy. He came over and we made pancakes and I bought him his own black pillow covers. Yeah, don't ask.

So that is pretty much the reasons why I didn't write much on the blog during the month. I didn't want to mention my relationship much yet since it was so new and there was just so much going on. So the blog only got 2 posts during the month.

In the first one, I talk more about June then July but also do mention my birthday.

The second one is about Storytel which I got to try out thanks to Buzzador. A very cool app if you like audiobooks.

Then we have the videos. I wasn't very active there either.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

LOOKBACK: June 2017

June was a very eventful time even if it doesn't seem so on the blog or on my facebook. I still did a lot and there was a lot going on. This is when I got feelings for a guy and there was some drama around that. So I had to kind of step out and concentrate on other things than the blog. I also got stuck on Arlanda because I was at the airport one day late so I had to sit there a few hours.

I also visited Oulu for the first time ever to be at a friends bachelorette party and it was a blast even if I had to sit on a bus for 16 hours during that trip.

I did do some working out too.

In June I had a very nice and clean apartment (at least for a while).

I made a fun post about my old facebook profile pictures. This is also one of my favorite posts.

Another Face of the day. I love these too.

The Bette Box of the month. So nice!

I did an instagram lookback with pictures from 2012.

There was a tiny shopping haul.

Because I had shown you my daily skincare I thought it would be fun to share the products I have in the shower too.

The videos.

LOOKBACK: May 2017

I think that the biggest thing in May was both me having my last day at work but also Amarillo closing. It has been such a huge part of my life that it was big. I didn't do a blogpost about it for some odd reason but we were there with a little gang and it was an eventful night for sure.

Over to the things I actually wrote about...

I started the month by doing a Today's Terrific Three

I had my last day at work. I had such a great time and I had no idea that I would actually get to come back to Svenskis.

I finally started writing about the Cuba trip from last year and here is the first post

Second one.  In this one I talk about the hotel we were staying at in Havana. 

Nena made me new nails and god I loved them sooo much!

And more pictures from Havana.

The Bette Box was really full of stuff!

Another Terrific Three where I do mention one of my most popular videos on youtube. Haha.

Again the last post of the month was an empties. Haha. There has not been an empties after this one.



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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

LOOKBACK: April 2017

In April I saw both Festen and TOVE at Svenska Teatern with my mom of course.  I also really worked out a lot. Crazy times to be honest. This was also the month when I got even more into Herbalife and talked more to my now coach Niina. It was a lot of working out and a bit of Herbalife.

My plan was totally to work out more and I think I did manage to do that.

The Bette Box was really nice.

 I did another Face of the Day post. Go see it here.

I did the 3-day package from Herbalife and it was pretty insane. I liked it but I didn't think more about it until a bit later in the year.

Another empties post. I did a lot of these it seems.

I made soup with uncooked sausage for the first time ever. I was pretty proud of myself. 

I did another..

I showed you what I use almost daily on my face.

I tried out and talked a bit more about Herbalife.

I ended the month with an empties post.

And now to the videos.

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