Saturday, October 29, 2016

NCLA Gelous? Gel Polish

If there is one thing I have learned during my blogging career is that taking pictures of ones nails is HARD and I am totally not cut out for that. I have no idea how some nail bloggers do it because I just can't. I just don't have the patience for it. But I felt like I had to try for this post.

Last saturday I went to Cesarsshop to see Camilla and get my nails fixed by her. She was there painting nails with the new NCLA Gelous? gel polish and of course I had to go and see her. I have never had just gel polish on my nails before so this is new.

We went with a dark red and a gold glitter accent nail which I love a lot. The glitter is so beautiful and my pictures don't do it justice at all. We also did shorten my nails a lot since one nail was in such a bad shape that it couldn't be saved. These nails are very christmassy which is kinda funny since I am not in the christmas spirit yet.

I also had a lot of fun just hanging out at the store after my nails were done since I got to meet some nice people. Nena was the other one painting nails at the store and she was such a sweetheart. She did a post about the day and in that post you can see my hand.

I do recommend going to Cesarsshop and checking out the new gel polishes. They are very cool and are also one of the first 7 free gelpolishes. The colors used on my nails are Rodeo Drive Royalty and Award Season.

Have you ever tried gel polish? 

Saturday, October 22, 2016


I know that this post is waaaay late and that is because I have been working full time for a while now and it is really taking all of my energy. But I will try to save some for this blog too and have some posts done this weekend. And this is the first one.

This months Livbox got a lot of attention because Livbox team (or someone) kinda screwed up and the box fell flat. So there was some product missing and stuff like that and people were kinda mad. As you can see in the picture there is not much in it and yeah. As always there is an unboxing on my youtube channel where you can also see my first thoughts.

As we all know I am not a real fan of foil packets and in this there were two. The bigger one is the L'oréal Pure Clay Purity Mask which has been the talk of the town lately as being very good. I can't say anything about it yet since I haven't tried it. The other foil one is Vichy Pureté Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel. There is such a small amount of it that I don't know if I will be able to give any thoughts on it. But we shall see.

Then we have a product that have been in a box before. Tresemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray. Which I have a bottle of from before. As I say in the video I am gonna try to learn to curl my hair so all heat defence products are welcome but is not a new product.

I love getting shower products so I am not mad at the Palmolive Smooth Delight Shower Milk that was in this box. It smells really good and you can not have too many shower products. In my opinion at least.

Hairproducts are another thing that I like getting even if I am pretty lazy when it comes to using them. This time there was a small bottle of Moroccanoil Treatment. In other words a hair oil.

Lastly the one I am actually pretty happy about and that is Lumene Pure Arctic Miracle 3in1 Micellar Cleansing Water. The brand has done a makeover and I love how the bottle looks and everything. It looks so great. And I love micellar water so I am excited to see if this is any good. Lumene is one of my favorite brands after all.

And oh, I forgot that there was also a blending brush from Ibero.

So all in all, not the best box this month and Livbox were very sorry about the mixup and gave some points back. I do believe that the next box will be better.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Jag fick inbjudan av Svenska Teatern* att komma och se Allt som är underbart som nu går på Amos. Det är alltså Duncan Macmillans monolog som är storsuccé. Jag kunde ju verkligen inget annat än att tacka ja. Jag visste direkt vem jag skulle ta med mig och frågade Stella och hon sa JAA. På samma gång förstörde jag fint våra planer att gå på gym. Well, teater vinner nog. På gym hinner man senare.

I got invited to see the play Allt som är underbart (or Every Brilliant Thing) which is now going on Svenska Teatern. It is the monolog by Duncan Macmillian that has become very popular. I couldn't say no to this and I knew who to take with me and Stella said yes. At the same time I also shot down the idea to go to the gym. Well theatre wins. We can go to the gym later. 

Det första som jag vill säga om den här pjäsen är definitivt: Gå. Och. Se. Den.

Vilket är definitivt det jag sagt åt alla som jag träffat ungefär. Jag visste inte mycket om pjäsen och det gjorde inte Stella heller och det lilla vi visste var att det var ett mörkt ämne som togs upp. Depression. Så vi var kanske lite oroliga över det men blev verkligen positivt överraskade.

Kan man skratta när pjäsen handlar om ett så allvarligt ämne? Ja, i den här pjäsen kan man det. Skönt tycker jag. Men tro inte att det inte river i hjärtat också på samma gång. Jag frågade Stella om hon har något att säga om den här pjäsen och hon sa att det är en känslomässig berg- och dalbana. Där håller jag verkligen med.

Kort så är den här pjäsen alltså om en liten pojke som försöker pigga upp sin djupt deprimerade mamma genom att skriva upp underbara saker på post it lappar och det blir så mycket mera. Men om ni vill läsa lite mera så gå in här på Svenska teaterns sidor.

The first thing I wanna say about this play is: Go. See. It. 

Which is what I have said to everyone I have met. I didn't know much about the play and neither did Stella but the little we knew was that it touches a hard subject. Depression. So we were a bit worried about it but got very positively surprised. 

Can you laugh when a play is about such a subject? Yes, in this play you can. So good in my opinion. But don't think it wont rip at all the heartstrings at the same time. I asked Stella if she had anything to say about the play and she said that it's a emotional rollercoaster. I gotta agree there. 

This play is about a young boy that tries to make his mom happier by writing up wonderful things on post its and it becomes so much more. If you wanna know more go to this page or google. 

Humor, musik och härliga små grejer får den här pjäsen att lysa. Publiken dras med inte bara för att Dennis Nylund gör ett så fantastiskt jobb utan för att publiken verkligen dras med genom att få lappar som skall läsas upp eller får en liten roll i pjäsen. Ja, ni som är rädda för sådant, ni är nu varnade. Men jag lovar också att det verkligen lönar sig att gå trots det.

Jag satt och njöt och var livrädd över att bli indragen eftersom jag verkligen inte är bra med sådant. Men jag njöt och skrattade och ville gråta och jag var definitivt inte den enda i salen. Vissa delar var bara så fantastiska. Ni som sett den vet säkert exakt vilka jag pratar om. Vill ju verkligen inte ge bort för mycket men ÅH.

Humour, music and lovely small things make this play so brilliant. The audience gets sucked in not just because Dennis Nylund does such a great job but also because the audience actually get sucked in by getting small notes to read out loud or get a small part in the play. Yes, you who are terrified by this, you are now warned. But I do tell you that you should go see it anyways. It is worth it. 

I sat and enjoyed and were terrified of being dragged in since I am not good with that. But I did enjoy it and laughed and wanted to cry and I was not alone. Some parts were just amazing. You who have seen it probably know which parts I mean. I don't wanna give too much away but OMG. 

Man kommer ut ur salen med en ny syn på livet. Jag själv har ofta tänkt på just det att man borde tänka mera på det som är bra eller underbart i livet istället för att fastna på allt det som är skit. Den här pjäsen påminner en om just det.

Om de där små sakerna som gör en glad. Det behöver verkligen inte vara mycket mera än en glass.

You come out with a new look at life. I have myself many times thought that we all should remember the good things in life instead of the bad things. This play reminds you of just that. 

The little things that make one happy. It doesn't have to be anything more then an ice cream. 

*fick alltså biljetten gratis men åsikterna är mina egna!
Bilderna: Svenska Teatern
4.10.2016 19:49

Monday, October 3, 2016

#brunchbrudarna had sundaybrunch!

In January this year I had a brunch at my place with the gang of girls now called brunchbrudarna (translates to brunchgirls). The name kinda came from us actually going to brunch a lot but we haven't had another home brunch since then. 

Until yesterday. 

We gathered at Frida's place for brunch and it was absolutely awesome. 

The table was full of food with salad, pie, bread and fruits. And also croissants and waffles. And boy did we eat! So much!

Sunday brunches are just the best. When you can just sit and eat and talk for hours without having to hurry. And of course having the best company ever helps a lot.

We all kinda get so busy that we rarely have time to see each other like this so the times that we do are even more special. So thank you Stefanie, Frida, Stella, Stella and Kati for being the absolute best bunch of friends!

2.10.2016 19:13


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