Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A month without candy...again?

I have decided to do something crazy again. Something I was able to do once before. And it is to have a sugarless month. I did this back in November last year and I felt so good without the sugar so I have been thinking about it a few times since then. Because I kinda fell into old bad habits after the month and went back to eating way too much candy and cookies and all that. Which is really easy to do and I think everyone does that at least once.

Me and mom were talking about this in Sweden and I kinda convinced her to join me in this little thing. So now she and I are gonna have a sugarless month next month. Which is the month before we go to Cuba so that's good. I want to feel good in Cuba.

I am quite excited but also dreading this all. I know how hard it is the first few days when all you wanna do is eat all the sugar and all the sweets. I know that this is not gonna be easy. So why the hell am I doing this again?!

Because I want a change.

Because I want to feel good.

Because I want to be more healthy.

Because I want to eat less shit.

Because I wanna be able to look in the mirror and like what I see.

I know that the last one is not gonna change just because I stop eating candy, but I feel like it's one step closer to it. Another step is totally to start working out again which has also kinda stopped. I feel bad about that too but I am just gonna pick it up again and not beat myself up because I stopped. Because that doesn't help anyone. But this all is another post.

If anyone of you want to join this little thing then you are totally welcome! I really do think that having my mom do it with me is gonna help me on the way and stay strong. I'm gonna keep you posted during the month.

2 days left of freedom! ...or something! I also really have to start remembering my Goals for this year.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

10 things I did in Sweden

So, I ran off to Sweden for a week and since I can't use the internet as freely as here (if I don't visit Wayne's Coffee all the time) I didn't blog anything while being there. I kinda do feel that it was good for me to really take a long break from all things internet. Apart from the daily trips to Waynes of course because being completely away from the internet for a week was not possible for anyone of us.

So what did I do in Gävle.

1. Slept a lot. I feel like I did sleep way more then what I normally do. I went to bed around 12ish and got up around 8ish the first few days and then started getting up later and later. I think it's totally okay since it was a vacation and all, but it still felt really weird. I was tired around 10ish in the evenings too. Strange.

2. I made a macaroni casserole one day with a bit of help from my brother. I don't like chopping onion so he got to do that part. I also added some cheese in to it and it turned out really good. I was very happy and I think everyone else were too. Or they did eat it so I guess so.

3. I drank so much ice tea. Every time we went to Wayne's (which was often) I took an ice tea. So much sugar went in to my body that it's not even funny!

4. Me and my brother watched a lot of Hell's Kitchen. I just love Gordon Ramsey. It's just a fact. I just love watching people screw up and his nerves going to hell. Am I weird?

5. We played cards a lot. Every evening we sat around the table which is a tradition so it's fun. We have a lot of fun during these evenings.

6. I played Best Fiends so much. I have had a bit of a break from that game and now I am totally stuck on it and I can't stop. I started playing it because it is one of the games that don't need internet access to work so it was perfect on the train and I just got stuck. I played it all the time. If you haven't tried the game I suggest you search it and try it.

7. Mom and me went shopping even though I don't really have any money at all to use. We went through most of the shops and didn't find that much of anything. We tried on a few things in H&M but they didn't sit right. In Lindex I actually found a top that I liked and it was reduced to 100 SEK or about 10€ so I couldn't leave it in the store.

8.  One day we went out to eat to a restaurant near by and I think mom was the only one that was completely satisfied with her food. My brothers Carbonara had mushrooms in it which isn't a norm. So that wasn't good. My Bolognese was really tiny and wasn't really that special. Bs meat was really salty. We all had a bite and we all thought the same about it. So it wasn't the best food.

9. We had to run to the train. We had to switch trains at Uppsala and the first train was late so we had a really small window to get to the second train and we just about made it. It was stressful as hell. I don't like running to anything.

10. I bought a interior design magazine to read on the train to the airport and I absolutely loved it! I usually go for fashion magazines but this time I felt like taking something different and wow was I shocked at how much I enjoyed looking at all the pages. This new interest might be seen in this blog in the future!

It was a fun trip and I do feel like it really was the break I needed. Now I am back stronger then ever!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I thought I would bring back an old series in this blog. I haven't done instagram picture posts in a while and I thought it might be kinda fun. I am also gonna link the old posts that kinda go with the pictures. If there are such posts of course. These pictures are from April 2012 so a long long time ago. If you wanna see the one before this you can click here.

1. Such a pretty day. The sky was beautiful and was on my way home from Leppävaara it seems. 2. I took a little break from the city which I really needed. There was a lot going on in my life back then. 3. Trotsallt's childrensgroup performed at Happi and I was of course there. 4. Me and Emma went on a walk and there was horse. It was so cute that I had to take a picture...or a few.

5. Matte black nails. So pretty! 6. This was still the time when Base also filled their long drinks to the brim. These days they only fill beer. 7. I got my hair colored red and I absolutely loved it! I really really did. Should I colour it red next? 8. Me, mom and her best friend went to Vespa and ate some pizza and I got a glas of wine.


Monday, March 14, 2016


This month it was the famous so called Blogger box and people are always waiting for this box the most because it is usually very good. I wasn't as excited about this box as I have been for some other boxes, but it doesn't mean that it is not a good box, it just wasn't for me as you can really see in my unboxing video. I was not that excited...

But as I said that is just my feelings and I do like the products. The powder foundation is my favorite out of them and I am gonna try it out and see if I like it (if the color is ok on me).

I do really like the idea of the blogger box and letting some famous bloggers choose a favorite. I think it's a great idea to collaborate with some bloggers. But let's get on to the products and take a closer look.

If you wanna check out Livbox you can do so here.

This is the only tester size in this box. Which is pretty good in my opinion. So this is the Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep Recovery Night Gel-Balm. So a night cream. This is Iinas choice for this box and adore the girl so I am pretty sure that this is a good night cream so I am gonna try it. There is probably only product for one time so I don't know if that is gonna be able to show the real power of the cream, but we shall see. So I do think it's a bit sad that it is such a tiny tester size.

So the summer, or spring, is coming so it is time to start using sun protection. Well, not really yet in this country but hey, it will get here too! This is an interesting product since it is tinted. So this is the Eucerin Tinted Sun Creme with SPF 50. A very high SPF indeed which is probably good. Since I have never used a tinted sun creme on my face I have no idea about the color which to me seems a bit dark...right now at least. It might get better once I get a bit tanned so we shall see about that. This is Irenes favorite. I love that I am finding new bloggers to follow too!

So this is the Cutrin Sensitive Multispray. I say it on the video and I am gonna say it here: Is it just me or is there Cutrin in every single box? I mean I don't mind since Cutrin is good, but it's just a bit weird that there's something from them all the time. Am I right? As many of you know I don't really do much when it comes to my hair. I haven't learned how to style it much so I usually just let it dry and that's it. I wanna learn to curl and such so this might come handy for that. And this is Marinkas favorite.

Yay for make up! I always get excited when there is make up in this box because it doesn't happen that often.  Anyways, this time there was the Lumene Longwear Blur Powder Foundation in the color Soft Honey. I haven't tried the color yet on me so it might be totally wrong. But I am excited to see and try out a powder foundation since I have never done that. This was chosen by Sanna-Emilia.

Last but not least we have the Dermosil Trio Brow Kit. This is one product that I probably am not gonna use since my brows are so dark that I have never felt the need to do anything to them, other then use tweezers now and again. But the product looks great so we shall see what I do with it. I think I read somewhere that someone was thinking about using these as eyeshadows so that might be a thing. This is Janets choice for this box.

Have any of you used any of these? 

Friday, March 11, 2016

My new blue jeans

 I have entered a time when I don't buy much of anything clothing wise. It has a lot to do with the fact that I just don't have the money to do so and that is kinda killing me since all I wanna do is buy new clothes. I wanna clean out my closet and fill it with new, but that will totally have to wait a while.

As some of you may know I blogged about all of my pants breaking and me needing new ones. I did buy two pairs of black pants not too long ago but I have been wanting to get a pair of blue jeans. So when me and mom were to Tallinn a few weeks ago we did some windowshopping and found a pair of blue jeans for under 20 euros.

I couldn't resist the temptation and they came home with me. They are from Promod and are just so great!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Madeby Helsinki Haul

I haven't really talked a lot about the fact that I worked at Madeby Helsinki for a whole 6 months. A few weeks ago was my last day and it was fun and sad at the same time. I am really gonna miss the place and the people, but I am sure that I will be back there buying a lot. Since I have really fallen in love with a lot of the things they have. My apartment is gonna fill up soon.

In this post I wanna show you what I have already gotten from there. If you wanna see me talk about these items you can watch the video I also made for my youtube channel.

This is a birch crystal made by Elina Mäntylä or Valona. I got the black one in a diamond shape and I am in love with it. I have a really cool place for it over my bed. I will take a picture and show you guys in a post soon! They are just so pretty and delicate!

The ring is made by Tytti Lindström and I just fell in love with it pretty much right away. You all probably know that I have very small fingers so when I find a ring that fits my tiny fingers I really need to buy it. Again the picture doesn't really show you it in the best way but it will be in many outfit posts in the future. Trust me on that one!

The necklace is by Satu Untinen or Maahiskoru. I have one necklace from before and I have loved it a lot. So this is just right up there with my favorites. It a small Lily of the valley and it is beautiful. I have worn it a lot since I got it and will probably wear it a lot in the future too.

Here we have a little makeupbag-ish from Pisama Design which I am actually using as a wallet at the moment because I kinda got tired of having a bag-sized wallet which takes up half of the space in my bag. This has a tram on it with Munkkiniemi written on it. The reason why I wanted this is that I used to live in Munkkiniemi and it still feels like home.

Hey, a girl can never have too much chocolate in her life, right? Well, this is awesome chocolate and it is a great little present to give to people.

Up there we have a bowl which I have candy in. It lives on my table. I absolutely love it. It's made by Minna Rusanen or Munkaa. The ball is also hers and it lights up. You can see me light it in the video up there so I suggest you go watch it. When she came with the balls to the store I just fell in love. I just think that they are so cool!

As you can see I have a pretty good variety of stuff already and I am so sure that I am gonna get more at some point. Because I really love the store and there's so much fantastic stuff. If you are looking for a present for someone then I really do recommend checking out Madeby Helsinki. It is on Katariinankatu 4.

PS. Not getting paid for this post. DS.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sånger vid randen av ett grått hav

På fredagen tog jag mig till Svenska Teatern för att gå på Sånger vid randen av ett grått hav som även går med underrubriken These little town blues are melting away. Jag är en av bloggarna som anmälde mig när Svenskis sökte bloggare så det här inlägget är gjort i samarbete med dem.

Just nu är den här pjäsen på en liten paus men kommer tillbaka till scenen den 6.4.

Jag är ingen teaterkritiker eller någonting så det är kommer definitivt inte vara en renodlad recension av något slag, men jag har sett en hel del pjäser under mitt liv eftersom jag och min mamma väldigt ofta går på teater, så jag ger nu något ord om den här pjäsen.

Det som var lite annorlunda nu när jag skulle på den här gånger var att jag gick ensam. Jag tror inte att jag någonsin gått ensam på teater, men det är lite det här årets grej: att göra nytt. Så jag gick in och förde vant jackan dit jag alltid för den och satte mig ner på en stol en stund och läste lite i programbladet (jag är den som alltid köper programbladet och sparar).

Jag satte mig på min plats och tänkte tappa fattningen. Jag satt verkligen mitt i salen och kunde inte ha fått en bättre plats. Det är verkligen sällan jag sitter på parketten eftersom oftast brukar vi sitta på någon av balkongerna och jag kan tänka mig att den här pjäsen ser säkert bra ut därifrån också. Men jag satt där mitt bland folket alldeles ensam och njöt. Salen är verkligen ett favoritställe.

Det som är annorlunda direkt i början är det att alla skådespelare och scenteknikerna kommer på scenen och berättar lite om pjäsen och så klart ber stänga av mobiltelefonerna. Sen går berättaren in i sin lilla bur som finns vid scenen och allt börjar. Ja, den här pjäsen har en berättare, vilket jag själv åtminstone finner jätte roligt. Det är verkligen sällan som pjäser har en berättare nuförtiden, ännu mindre en som sitter så att publiken kan se honom under hela pjäsen.

När pjäsen började och det kom något lite roligt så kunde jag höra och nästan känna hur folk skrattade eftersom jag satt så mitt i högen.

Pjäsen handlar alltså om en liten by vid havsranden där det bor en liten hög människor. I första akten får vi lära känna dem och får en liten inblick i deras dagliga liv. Tytti som älskar Katri Helena, Aila och hennes barn Petteri och Kerttu, pirogbakaren Hilkka och målaren Torbjörn för att nu nämna några. Vattnet börjar hotfullt stiga och allt blir annorlunda och de blir tvugna att flytta bort från sina hem.

Den här pjäsen är multimedial vilket betyder att den använder sig av video och vi får se vissa bilder på skärmar som är upphängda ovanför scenen. Det ger en närmare inblick och även de som sitter längre ifrån scenen kan få se närbild på någons ansikte. Så man kan verkligen dyka djupt in i berättelsen och känslorna. Man får även se scenteknikerna gå rakt över scenen. Jag tyckte själv det var väldigt intressant att se hur de jobbar så för mig var det väldigt roligt. Green screen, säger jag bara!

Jag kan tänka mig att någon kan tycka att det blir lite råddigt att följa med både skärmarna och vad som händer på scenen, men jag kan berätta att min mamma inte tyckte att det blev för mycket. Hon har även sett pjäsen och hon är en som tycker ofta att det blir svårt att hänga med om det händer för mycket.

Pjäsen känns väldigt annorlunda från vad Svenskis stora scen brukar ha. Den känns som någonting man skulle se på det mindre scenerna. Men jag tycker att den passar väldigt bra på just stora scenen trots det. Det är roligt att se något annorlunda på den stora scenen.

Temat i pjäsen är ganska så mörk, men där finns iblandat lite humor som ger lite ljus i allt mörker. Det är helt vanliga liv på scenen och vanliga dödliga människor med sina små problem. Jag märkte själv att jag levde mig in i berättelsen och kände mig ledsen när allt inte gick riktigt som det skulle för dem alla.

Själv hade jag tur och fick se den här pjäsen två gånger och på andra gången kunde jag faktiskt se småsakerna som jag inte lagt märke till första gången. Så som kassabandet som dras och den tyngsta ärtsoppsburken för att nu nämna några. Själv älskade jag scenen där Aila cyklar till Happiness köpcentret bland bilarna så när ni går och ser den här så kolla lite extra på den scenen.

Jag tyckte själv väldigt mycket om den här pjäsen och rekommenderar varmt den åt er alla. Gå in med öppna sinnen för det händer mycket och det är inte alltid helt klart. Men detta är verkligen en underbar pjäs om människor som är hemskt olika men hittar varandra tack vare den tragiska händelsen. Man blir och funderar på dessa karaktärer på vägen hem från teatern. Dessa ensamma liv.

Fotograf: Cata Portin


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