Wednesday, January 10, 2018

LOOKBACK: December 2017

 December 1st and I, of course, started it with the best breakfast.

 I was smiling even on Mondays which was pretty nice.

After a very hard workout, we were all smiles. It can't get better in my opinion! If you live in Helsinki and want to come and try out our workouts then let me know!

I celebrated Suomi 100 with the rest of Unicorn Riot. The best girls. <3

Sometimes I took my breakfast with me. So easy and so quick! I love it!

I went on a cruise to Stockholm with Höpö and his family and it was quite the trip. It was a lot of fun.

I finally told you which glasses I bought. I love them both a lot!

I got this little beauty and my life got a lot better!

 I worked on the FORK christmas special and it was fun!

 Christmas came early and I got a huge package. LOVE.

I and Höpö went out to eat at Morrisons again and it was soooo good. I absolutely love the cheese pasta they have.

I made a blog post where I took a look at the 10 most popular posts in this blog. Go check it out!

Finally got the October Bette Box post out.

Then came christmas and I spent it like this. Go read the post.

I eat a lot of ham at Christmas and after Christmas.

I got The Sims 4 and I have been playing it a lot.

And then came New Year's Eve. I will do a post about that evening so I am not gonna talk about it here.

And now these are done. Finally. Now let's jump completely to 2018.

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