Sunday, December 17, 2017


I thought it would be fun to look at some of the most popular posts on my blog since I really love some of them and think they do deserve even more attention. So here are the 10 most read blog posts!

1. Dagens 4.1.2011 3570 views

This one has been the most read one for ages and ages and to be honest I have no idea why. I mean it is only two outfit pictures with no text at all. Somehow it has just gotten a crazy amount of views. 

2. Money makes the world... 1152 views

Another weird post to be up here in my opinion. It is a post about money. 

3. Nagelblogg 915 views

In this one, I link to my friends nail polish blog. 


This one I am happy about because it really means the world to me. That weekend really changed my life in so many ways that I couldn't even have believed ever. Many of the people I met there are now a huge part of my life and I see them almost every week. So weird to now look back at those pictures.


I like this post too and this one is also weird to look back at since Herbalife is such a huge part of my life these days. It was all so new back then and I had no idea what all was about to happen.

6. Buzzador: Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On Kit 452 views 

A Buzzador post where I got to try out a Veet product. I think it's an okay post. Not the best but okay.

7. BED! (vlog) 409 views

The day I got my bed. There's a vlog and all! I need to start vlogging again!

8. LIVBOX MARCH 2015 335 views

Well, there had to be at least one Livbox post in here right? I have done sooo many!

9. FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURES 2007-2017  324views

This is one of my absolute favorite posts of all time. I loved doing this and I am glad that you guys liked it too! I love looking back at old pictures and seeing change. I have changed a lot since 2007.

10. My relationship with alcohol right now 310 views

One of the hardest and scariest posts I have ever posted on this blog. It is so personal and was very hard to write, but it was so important. I do not regret writing it at all. I do recommend reading this one and thinking about your own relationship with alcohol. It does good.

If you wanna do this on your blog then feel free! I would love to see them so do leave a link in the comments! :)

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