Sunday, December 10, 2017


Do you guys remember when I made this post? Well, I just realized that I never actually told you which ones I bought. Reason for that is both that I completely forgot and the fact that I computer decided to break and it made it difficult to write any posts. Now I have a computer again and I can make posts again like normal. 

So here are my new glasses and I am totally in love with them!

It wasn't my original plan to take two but when the saleslady told me that they had a campaign "buy 2 pay for 1" I got interested and since it has been over 10 years since I bought myself any new glasses I thought it was time to really step up the game. The first pair is more of an everyday pair and the other ones are more "party". I have used them both many times and gotten a lot of compliments so I am very happy with my choices.

The first few days it was really weird to see myself in the mirror since I really didn't recognize myself at all. Now I have gotten used to these and I really love them. It was really time for a change.

It wasn't cheap but it was totally worth it!

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