Thursday, December 28, 2017

LOOKBACK: May 2017

I think that the biggest thing in May was both me having my last day at work but also Amarillo closing. It has been such a huge part of my life that it was big. I didn't do a blogpost about it for some odd reason but we were there with a little gang and it was an eventful night for sure.

Over to the things I actually wrote about...

I started the month by doing a Today's Terrific Three

I had my last day at work. I had such a great time and I had no idea that I would actually get to come back to Svenskis.

I finally started writing about the Cuba trip from last year and here is the first post

Second one.  In this one I talk about the hotel we were staying at in Havana. 

Nena made me new nails and god I loved them sooo much!

And more pictures from Havana.

The Bette Box was really full of stuff!

Another Terrific Three where I do mention one of my most popular videos on youtube. Haha.

Again the last post of the month was an empties. Haha. There has not been an empties after this one.



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