Saturday, December 23, 2017

LOOKBACK: March 2017

March started with me actually working out! How crazy!

The biggest thing that happened this month, which I didn't mention on the blog, was probably me going on a date. I don't do that often, so it was very much out of my comfort zone. It was a movie date and the guy was very nice. It never became anything more but I do still talk to him and I consider him a friend.

I actually started the blog month with a Bette Box post. Amazing. I am always sooo late doing them so it is nice to see that I have managed to be early at some point.

I and Zan celebrated her birthday at my place and I tried out some new Lipton teas that I got from Buzzador.

One weekend was work, birthdayparty and some laundry. Basic stuff.

I made my first face of the day post. Do you want those to come back? I kinda miss doing them. 

I made a huge empties post! I love empties posts. A lot. 

I finally after over a year got my hair colored and cut. Really need to go do that again soon.

An Instagram post. I need to do more of these!

I also started the Today's Terrific Three. I loved doing these and I am considering starting them again!

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