Sunday, December 31, 2017

LOOKBACK: July 2017

I think that this is the hardest month to actually write about because there was so much happening during this month and I was a mess in the beginning. A lot of it was good and I was over the moon but I did also lose some friends in progress and that is never fun. I had to learn that not everyone is supposed to stay in your life forever.

Firstly I have to mention my birthday since it does happen to start the month. I turned 29 which is absolutely crazy and I did celebrate 2 nights with a Pride Parade in the middle which was kinda crazy and I was a tired mess afterward. I had an absolute blast even if the second party didn't end without drama. I'm not gonna talk much about that here since it is not something I feel like everyone needs to know but I wanted to mention it anyway since it was a huge turning point in my life. That kind of put everything in motion and made me make choices that would change everything.

And the thing that happened like a week after my birthday was that my friend Niina sent me a text inviting me to a weekend to Kangasala with a bunch of people to work out and enjoy the summer. I have written a post about this weekend so you can read it here. It did really good for me since I was quite a mess at the time and I really needed a pick me up. That weekend is something I never thought I would experience. I am not the person that jumps on a bus to somewhere where I know only one person, but I did and I am so happy I did. I am such a different and happier person because of it. 

After that weekend I started working out with some of the friends I met there and my life was changed.

At the same time the interesting guy I had been starting to see was getting more and more serious and during this month it became a relationship even if neither of us had said that to each other yet. It wasn't so-called facebook official yet. But we were spending a lot of time together. That was also putting my head for a spin since I hadn't had any relationship in so many years. Or any real interest in any guy. He came over and we made pancakes and I bought him his own black pillow covers. Yeah, don't ask.

So that is pretty much the reasons why I didn't write much on the blog during the month. I didn't want to mention my relationship much yet since it was so new and there was just so much going on. So the blog only got 2 posts during the month.

In the first one, I talk more about June then July but also do mention my birthday.

The second one is about Storytel which I got to try out thanks to Buzzador. A very cool app if you like audiobooks.

Then we have the videos. I wasn't very active there either.

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