Sunday, December 31, 2017

LOOKBACK: August 2017

This post was written about the best weekend. I really want you all to go read it.

August was a lot of working out. I did work out pretty much twice a week and it was sooooo good. I lost weight and my fat percentage got lower and it was all just great. My breakfast was a shake pretty much everyday and I loved it. I also put spinach in one and it was quite something. You couldn't really taste it. Haha.

My relationship got facebook official and he met my family and I met his. He met mine at my moms birthdayparty and I met his parents on a weekend when we went to their cottage. So it was quite something. It was an amazing weekend and I loved all of it.

The blog was again pretty quiet this month but I did a few posts. This one was about my new morning routine and breakfast.

And the last one was about the Samsung soundbar I got to test out. It was everything and I loved it sooo much.

31.12.2017 11:44

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