Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Computer problems

Sometimes life really does throw a complete curveball your way and it throws everything out the window. Like right now. My computer is old, that is a fact, and I have been kinda waiting for something to go wrong but still hoped for the best. The truth is that when you go mac you don't really go back to anything else and the iMacs are really expensive as we all know.

Yesterday my computer gave up, or at least that is what I think it did since it started looking like this...

It did do this once before not too long ago and I did get it fixed, but now I think I need more help. Trying to now fix it but until then I can not really make any videos and posts will also be harder to make since most of my pictures are on hard drives that only a mac can read. So...we shall see what happens. Emailing with some experts so I hope to get some answers soon.

Really don't have money to buy a new one right now...

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