Saturday, September 9, 2017


Change is something that really puts my head for a spin. It doesn't matter if it is a good change or a bad one or if it is done by me or it has been out of my hands. I just react to change, which I guess is a very human thing and I can imagine that I am not alone in this. Change is the word I would use to describe the few last months of my life. It seems appropriate since there has been a lot of that happening lately. A lot of good things but also some less good, but the good things are the ones I am gonna concentrate on because that is what one should do. 

Firstly there is the fact that I have started working out which I mentioned in this post. It has been so great and I couldn't be happier about my choice to start the 8-week challenge with the team. I have already gotten such great results and I can't wait to see the results after the next 4 weeks. The people I work out with are just amazing and so supportive and it is just the best. The workouts are really hard but are done in a fun way. In the summer I worked out 3 times a week but now in the 8-week challenge, it is only 2 times a week, which is really good. Even if it is fun and great it does force you to change some things in your life to have time for it.   

Me and my awesome coach Niina <3
The second thing that has been taking up some (or a lot) of my time is my new relationship. This is a very unfamiliar situation for me since I have been single for such a long time (about 5-6 years). So it has been a very big change in my life, a very welcome one for sure and I couldn't be happier at the moment but it is a huge change that does put everything for a spin, in your brain, and in your life. I have to tell you that it does feel weird to call someone my boyfriend (not to mention hear someone use the word girlfriend when talking about me) but it is weird in a good way. A very good one. W will not be a huge part of this blog but he might get mentioned sometimes as in this post. And I just wanted to let you know about this big new happy change in my life. So now you know.

The third and final reason is quite a new one but a pretty big one that will absolutely take up a lot of my time at least for the few upcoming weeks. I have a new job. I now work behind one of the lights at Svenska Teatern and last week was my first week. It has been very fun but there is a lot I need to learn so it is a challenge, but I am very eager to learn. It is so much fun and it is a dream workplace for me so I am very much over the moon about it. It will, however, take a lot of my time which I realized last week. It will be my second home for a few weeks forward which means that both this blog might suffer a bit, not to speak of my relationship since I don't have time to see him as much. 

So trying to somehow find a way to also add writing a blog and doing videos seems to be a very hard challenge. That is also the reason why I have decided to start writing this blog in only English because it makes it a bit easier to write and frees up some time. I will however still have a blog where I do write in Swedish, it is over on Ratata and you can find it here if you want to follow it. I will do my best to still do blog posts and videos but it might be a bit slow in the beginning before I really figure out a working system.

But you can still count me as being back. 



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