Tuesday, November 1, 2016


A few weeks ago (23.10 to be exact) me and Camilla went to the I Love Me convention/thing/i don't know what to call it which is something of a tradition for us, even if i didn't go last year. We still try to go together every year. It is a very fun event and I feel like everything so so cool and I am always afraid that I am gonna use up all my money. Usually I do pretty well and just buy a few things. So even this year. And here are the things I managed to get back home. Not that many at all. I think that when I have money and I am allowed to buy I find less things to buy...is that a thing?

I don't know. Let me know if I am right on that. But anyways here are the items I bought.

Hurraw lipbalm

I have heard a lot of great things about these lip balms so when I saw these and they had a 3 for 10 euros I knew I wanted to try them out. We both stood there for quite a while trying to decide what flavours to get since they have so many. I lastly went with Mint, Liquorice and chocolate. My absolute favorite right now is the chocolate one. It smells soooo good! If you ever see these anywhere I recommend checking them out. These are also  organic, vegan and made out of raw ingredients which is quite cool. A thumbs up for that! 

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Miracle Diamond Sponge 

This one is the thing everyone were talking about and once I heard about it I pretty much decided to get it if there were any left. We went the last day so I was worried that some things might be sold out and since these were popular I feared that they might be gone. I was in luck and there were a lot left. They are coming to stores next year (at least here in Finland). I just love it! It is so pretty! I haven't tried it yet myself so I can't say if it is as good as people say but I will let you know my thoughts once i try it.

Fast Protein Nax bar

A Protein bar to have in my bag for times when I need a small pick me up or after a workout or something. I am trying to get back to a more healthy eating habits and I am gonna try to stop snacking on candy all the time and I am looking for some healthy alternatives and these sounded good and were good since we got to try them. I am very picky when it comes to protein bars and since most contain nuts I can't really eat them. I am a tad allergic to nuts so I rather not eat once that make my mouth go all itchy. 

Fast Pancake protein mix

These I also felt like trying out since of the whole trying to get healthy deal and these sounded so great since you can make these in a waffle iron and all you need to add is milk. Perfect for a lazy ass like me. So I am excited to try these out. I really have high hopes for these so please let them be good!

Real Techniques Travel Brush Kit

Last but not least are the Real Techniques travel brush kit with the essential foundation brush, domed shadow brush and the multi task brush. I have wanted to buy some of these RT Brushes for a while so now that I found them I just had to get them. They are so soft and I really can't wait to get to try them out. It was hard to keep them in the package for all this time. I just wanted to rip it open like the second I got home but i needed to take pictures and shoot the video so I couldn't do that. Now they are out of the package and since this post is also up I can start using them! That makes me so happy!

What have you guys bought lately? 

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