Saturday, October 29, 2016

NCLA Gelous? Gel Polish

If there is one thing I have learned during my blogging career is that taking pictures of ones nails is HARD and I am totally not cut out for that. I have no idea how some nail bloggers do it because I just can't. I just don't have the patience for it. But I felt like I had to try for this post.

Last saturday I went to Cesarsshop to see Camilla and get my nails fixed by her. She was there painting nails with the new NCLA Gelous? gel polish and of course I had to go and see her. I have never had just gel polish on my nails before so this is new.

We went with a dark red and a gold glitter accent nail which I love a lot. The glitter is so beautiful and my pictures don't do it justice at all. We also did shorten my nails a lot since one nail was in such a bad shape that it couldn't be saved. These nails are very christmassy which is kinda funny since I am not in the christmas spirit yet.

I also had a lot of fun just hanging out at the store after my nails were done since I got to meet some nice people. Nena was the other one painting nails at the store and she was such a sweetheart. She did a post about the day and in that post you can see my hand.

I do recommend going to Cesarsshop and checking out the new gel polishes. They are very cool and are also one of the first 7 free gelpolishes. The colors used on my nails are Rodeo Drive Royalty and Award Season.

Have you ever tried gel polish? 


  1. I can Give You nail bloggers 101 on taking pictures :D lol

  2. Oli kyllä kiva tavata! ♥ Ja hyvinhän sä olet näissä kuvissa onnistunut :)

    1. Toivottavasti nähdään pian uudestaan :) Haha, kiitos. :) Meinas kyllä mennä hermo jossain vaiheessa.



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