Monday, October 3, 2016

#brunchbrudarna had sundaybrunch!

In January this year I had a brunch at my place with the gang of girls now called brunchbrudarna (translates to brunchgirls). The name kinda came from us actually going to brunch a lot but we haven't had another home brunch since then. 

Until yesterday. 

We gathered at Frida's place for brunch and it was absolutely awesome. 

The table was full of food with salad, pie, bread and fruits. And also croissants and waffles. And boy did we eat! So much!

Sunday brunches are just the best. When you can just sit and eat and talk for hours without having to hurry. And of course having the best company ever helps a lot.

We all kinda get so busy that we rarely have time to see each other like this so the times that we do are even more special. So thank you Stefanie, Frida, Stella, Stella and Kati for being the absolute best bunch of friends!

2.10.2016 19:13

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