Friday, September 30, 2016

Monopoly and chill


I wanna start doing posts on monday, wednesday and friday and I was planning on getting a planned post up but since I didn't really have time to really make that so here goes an oldschool random post. Where I just choose a few pictures and open and start writing. 

I was at work today and it was raining when I was planning my choice of jacket so I chose the one that can keep me dry. So I really looked like a kindergarden teacher today. The jacket is from Lidl actually which is kinda cool. I like it. Since I hate using umbrellas. 

It did actually not rain at all. So bad choice but whatever. 

Then after work Milla came over for a little game night and we played Monopoly which really is such a cool game. I don't play boardgames that much so it is kinda fun to play. She won at the end. Well we didn't really play until the real end of the game but she had the most of everything when we finished so that's how she won.

Because monopoly could take the whole night as we all know.

Such a nice relaxed evening. I absolutely loved it. Now I am just gonna chill and eat a few satsumas and just enjoy the rest of my friday night. I am so glad that I can actually sleep in tomorrow. So nice!

What have you been up to today?

1 comment:

  1. Next time we will play it to the real end! Thank you for having me, it was great to spend time with you ( as always) ❤



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