Wednesday, August 31, 2016

This is how things are gonna change!

Old little random clip I found :D

I have thought a lot about this blog and what I wanna do with it and what I wanna write about and how to just move forward. Because I do feel a bit stuck right now when it comes to this blog. My life was also in a small rut for a while but I have gotten over that and as that has happened I really want to get this blog moving again.

So, I have decided to move to only writing in english from now on. Yes, I know I have tried this before and gone back to both, but I am still gonna do it again. Because I need a change. I need to make it less complicated. I need something to change.

It is gonna be easier for me to write when I don't have to write a post twice. So there is more time to do more posts. Because I do wanna write. I wanna tell you what I am doing and loving.

So this is how it is gonna be for a while now. I do have a blog on Ratata where I write in swedish so you can go check that out if you miss me writing swedish.

I can't believe that it is the first of september tomorrow! This year is just going by so fast!

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