Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A month without candy...again?

I have decided to do something crazy again. Something I was able to do once before. And it is to have a sugarless month. I did this back in November last year and I felt so good without the sugar so I have been thinking about it a few times since then. Because I kinda fell into old bad habits after the month and went back to eating way too much candy and cookies and all that. Which is really easy to do and I think everyone does that at least once.

Me and mom were talking about this in Sweden and I kinda convinced her to join me in this little thing. So now she and I are gonna have a sugarless month next month. Which is the month before we go to Cuba so that's good. I want to feel good in Cuba.

I am quite excited but also dreading this all. I know how hard it is the first few days when all you wanna do is eat all the sugar and all the sweets. I know that this is not gonna be easy. So why the hell am I doing this again?!

Because I want a change.

Because I want to feel good.

Because I want to be more healthy.

Because I want to eat less shit.

Because I wanna be able to look in the mirror and like what I see.

I know that the last one is not gonna change just because I stop eating candy, but I feel like it's one step closer to it. Another step is totally to start working out again which has also kinda stopped. I feel bad about that too but I am just gonna pick it up again and not beat myself up because I stopped. Because that doesn't help anyone. But this all is another post.

If anyone of you want to join this little thing then you are totally welcome! I really do think that having my mom do it with me is gonna help me on the way and stay strong. I'm gonna keep you posted during the month.

2 days left of freedom! ...or something! I also really have to start remembering my Goals for this year.

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