Friday, February 19, 2016

Marimekko Spring / Summer 2016

Ratata invited me and a few other bloggers to a fashion evening at Marimekko where we got to see the newest collection in a little fashion show. The store on Mikonkatu was absolutely full of people and it was mayhem. I had my good camera with me but since the space was so limited I didn't feel like trying to take it out. So I used my phone instead so I am sorry about the poor quality of these pictures. I still just wanted to share these looks with you guys.

The first outfit paired orange and pink. I myself wouldn't do that since it feels too much for my taste. But hey, why not go crazy if you feel like it. I like the dress though. The little girl was the most adorable little one ever and I would totally get that dress if I had a little girl. The polka doted leggings on her are also so cute!

It is very interesting with the yellow details. I love the pop of color. Again I wouldn't wear it like that with all of the pieces in the same print but the jacket looks really nice.

In this outfit the sunglasses are named Emma which I found very funny. If they weren't so expensive I would have bought them then and there. I again really like the coat. I really have started liking the trench coats.

Platform shoes. I mean, what is going on. Fashion really does go in a circle. I remember loving platform shoes in my teens and I could see myself using those too. I also love the loose white shirt.

The orange skirt is absolutely my favorite by far. You can't really see it properly in the picture since the shirt is kinda hiding a part of it, but I recommend going to Pupulandias post here and looking at it. I am in love. It looks so good! I would probably pair the dress with something simple in black or white just to make it really pop.

The print on the pullover is the same as on the skirt but in a different color. I never thought that I would like such a bold print but I somehow and drawn to it. It's so different from anything I usually an attracted to.

The last look of the evening was this matching one. I love the dress on the girl. It just looks so cute! And I really like that it goes from dark to light which seems to be a thing right now.

Which outfit/piece is your favorite? Let me know!

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