Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A few make up favorites

I am gonna try something new on this blog, and that is to write in english only for a while and see how I like it. I am gonna do it for like a month and then see if I feel like going back to both swedish and english. Somehow I feel that my blog is stuck and I need to try to get it out and moving again and this might help both it and me to get more motivated to write.

But this was not the actual point of this post. I wanted to share some of my make up favorites that I have been using the most this last month. These products are the ones I pretty much have on my face when I put on make up.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - I feel like this is a staple item in everyones make up collection and is one that doesn't leave. I myself bought this a long time ago after hearing so much good about it. And it is, in my opinion, worth the hype. It does really keep my eye make up in place all day. I love it! You can now find UD at Sokos here in Finland. I myself have not been there yet because I might just go crazy and want to buy everything.

Lumene True Mystic Precise Tip Eyeliner- This eyeliner was in the January Livbox and I have been using it a lot after getting it. I am certainly not a pro when it comes to eyeliner but I am trying and learning and this one has a very fine tip which makes it easy to draw with. So I have even done cat eye in the mornings before work and it has been good. I am always terrified of failing and having to do everything over so usually I don't do cat eye in the mornings. So I do recommend trying this out.

Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara - I have been using this the most after getting it. I feel like it really does something amazing to my lashes and it is so good. And as it is Essence it does not break the bank. I am a huge fan of Essence make up in general. You can find Essence at Tokmanni.

Lumene Nude Prefection Glow Foundation (Classic Beige) - This foundation was also in a Livbox, actually the October one, and I have been loving it. Usually all the foundations that come in the box are way to dark and completely wrong for me. This one has been a good color and I have been using it a lot. It is sheer coverage which is fine for me since I have a pretty good skin most of the time. I usually go without and my friends almost can't believe me when I say that I only have mascara on. So I don't really need much coverage.

Essence Silky Touch Blush (20 Babydoll) - I own like two or three blushes that I use and this one I have been using the most these few months. It has a bit of shimmer but not too sparkly so it works fine on weekdays. Again I am a newbie when it comes to blush but I am learning and liking it a lot.I probably do sometimes put on too much. This one has a beautiful pink color and I am fan. Again since it is Essence it doesn't empty your wallet too much, which in my case is always a plus.

Have any of you used any of these? 


  1. Är mascaran bra? Blir den klumppig eller så? Har flera gånger tänkt köpa men endå stått över �� dom finns också vid Halpa-Halli :)

    1. Jag tycker väldigt mycket om den och tycker inte att den blir klumppig. Jag rekommenderar varmt att prova den. Den är ju verkligen inte dyr. :)



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