Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Emelie tagged me and I had to do this. I will tag some in the end of this post. That's all. Continue reading...

The rules are:

  1. Tell 11 things about yourself.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the other came up for you.
  3. Think of 11 new questions for the ones you will nominate.
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less then 200 followers.
  5. Tell the other bloggers by leaving a comment.
  6. You can’t be tagged back.
11 things about me

  1. Some of the best friends I have I have met online
  2. I'm quite picky with food
  3. I speak Finnish, Swedish and English
  4. I rarely call people on the phone (I have an iphone i don't need to call people like ever...)
  5. I like photographing a lot
  6. I have way too many t-shirts
  7. I can't swim at all (i'm pretty much scared of water)
  8. I work with kids
  9. I'm allergic to cats and horses
  10. I absolutely love Harry Potter and everything around it
  11. I love getting new things
The 11 questions from Emelie

1. What is your nail- and hand care routine?

This is gonna sound so weird in a way since I do like nailpolish an all, but I don't really have a special care routine at all when it comes to my hands and nails. I might sometimes file if I think a nail needs it, but mostly I just let my hands and nails be. When I paint them I put on base coat and top it of with topcoat.

2. Do you cut or file your nails, and why?

I mostly file my nails because I have heard somewhere that one should cut them, but when I really want to go short then I cut because I'm too lazy to file them for the amount of time it would take.

3. How many nail polishes (excluding base- and top coats) do you own?

90 if i counted them correctly.

4. How strictly do you follow nail polish/nail art trends?

I don't really follow at all.

5.  Would you rather have terrible cuticles and good looking nails or terrible nails and good looking cuticles?

I hate this question and I can't find the right answer. I'm gonna go with terrible nails and good looking cuticles.

6. What do you think of indie brand nail polish?

I can't really answer this because I don't really know anything.

7.  Do you have any bad nail related habits?

Ripping of nailpolish...if that counts.

8. Which nail polish has impressed you the most? (It doesn’t have to be one you own, it could be one you’ve seen on another blog.)

Gina Tricot Beauty Nails. All of them. I just think that it is amazing. And so cheap!

9.   Do you prefer acetone or some “friendlier” nail polish remover, and why?

I haven't used acetone in years so I can't really tell if I would love it more than what I have been using. I have been using a friendlier remover which I don't really like at all. 

10. Do you prefer cotton pads, cotton wool, nail wipes or something else when removing nail polish, and why?

I pretty much always use toiletpaper...

11.  Name a shade, finish, treatment or other nail related product you wish you owned but don’t at the moment.

Nail Envy!

The 11 questions

1. What's the best place on earth?
2. Where do you see yourself in five years?
3. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
4. Which book is your absolute favorite?
5. Are you the quiet one or the loud one at parties?
6. Favorite magazine?
7. Are you happy?
8. What's the sweetest thing anyone has done for you?
9. Favorite blog?
10. Favorite color?
11. What's the best way to wake up on a monday morning?

TAGGED: Joni, Ninni and Frida and if anyone else wants to do it then feel free to. :)

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