Sunday, July 1, 2007


kopierat från X3M

WAZZAAAAAAAA, this diary has been taken over by OPINIONATED COWS, no, it hasn't, but opinionated cows are rather suppressed by society in my uncowish opinion *important nod* much like our friend Emzi, who's NINETEEN YEARS OLD today! WHEEEEEEEEE! Fuck, I remember when she was sixteen, that was ages ago @.@ err, don't feel OLD or anything, Emz, "ages" really means "seconds" 8D rawr, baby, rawr. This is a bit fucked, innit? Life. *thoughtful pause* Yes, I remember the old Greek, snore, anyways, EVERYBODY WISH EMZI A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WHEEE! Wheee-ing is a very important part of society, by the way, we NEED to WHEEE to function. If you lost the h and and e in that word it'd actually be true, though iffy 8o eww. *poke word* ANYWAY, this is supposed to be about Emzi, who's beautiful and gorgeous and my sister no matter what our respective parents say 8o WE BE SISTAS, BITCH! Errr 8D yes. I'd bring you all the chocolate in the world if it was physically possible and if you'd actually have any form of USE for all the chocolate in the world, I mean, a lot is nice but enough is enough 8o but you get the point, I can tell from the brain waves 8D grooool. So, the meaning of this journal entry: Emzi, HAVE A VERY HARRY BIRTHDAAAY! *throw confetti/polar bears/gay porn/hyperactive smurfs* You're wonderful, darling. WHE!

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