Wednesday, August 3, 2005

The Lonely Girl

 Inlägget kopierat från X3M

Life sucks.

Well now I said it, so it most be true. Or do it?
Why can't I be someone? Funny, true, happy? Whatever. Just someone. That has a life.
Happy. That word sounds weird to me. I see people around me that seem happy. They're smiling and laughing, and all I hope is that I could be with them and laugh to, and not just sit in the corner alone.
I'm the lonely girl. The one you see but don't notice. You don't think about her. You have to much more importent on you're mind.
The friendless girl.
The girl that sit at home, when everybody else are out having fun.
The one that sinks in to a book to find a another world. A world she wants to see.
Lonely, unhappy, friendless girl.

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