Wednesday, June 1, 2005

If the world crashes down

Inlägget kopierat från X3M

"*gonattkram åt emmelemzi* *emmelemzi e en emziversion av en ängel* *ängel=emmel* :)" // Puva

SÖTIS! *hjärta*

If the world crashes down

You make me strong
You make me weak
You lift me off my feet
You give me hope
When all my dreams
Seem like they´re out of reach
You make me understand
The way the perfect love should be
You take me to a place
So high
I never wanna leave
Sometimes I think of all the things
I should have said
I hope it´s not too late
I wanna make you understand
If the world crashes down over me
I know that my life is complete
Cause I´ve held you
In my arms all night
Cause I can´t imagine life
Without you by my side
You whisper in my ear the words:
"Just hold me close tonight"
And when the pain is holding me
Your love just sets me free

Såå vackert! :')

Sista skoldagen imorron. :D:D:D

Sen e de sommarlooooov!!! Skööönt!

Kommer nog sakna klassen och så...


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